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False lashes are a great accessory to your make up look but are normally left alone and skipped over. I feel this happens because it’s stigmatized as being too dramatic or you aren’t able to pull them off.

If you think you look great with out them, imagine how great you’ll look with them.

What are fake eyelashes? Fake eyelashes come in many different shapes and sizes. From soft and subtle to fabulous and fierce, they can transform any make up look to the next level. Most lashes are applied to the base of your natural lashes with a latex based glue ,typically completing your eye make up. You can purchase natural looking ones, plumping up your existing lashes or fantasy lashes with feathers attached. There are a thousand variations out there. You can pick up lashes from CVS which carry your basic lash. If you’re craving a more high end product, Sephora and Mac provide a wide array of falsies as well. 966 Most lashes are made of a synthetic material or natural hair. Synthetic is typically a cheaper alternative however natural hair lashes provide a more authentic look. Eyelash extensions render a more natural and long term finish. They are attached to your natural lash and last until the natural lash falls out. They generally last 4-6 weeks which is about the same time as the life cycle of an eyelash. A big plus for clients is that no mascara is needed. After about 4-6 weeks, you will need to return to your lash specialist for a fill. Eyelash extensions can run anywhere from $150 to $275. The application is tedious and slightly uncomfortable since your bottom lashes must be taped down to prevent glueing the top and bottom together. However the results are phenomenal and really don’t compare to any other process of attaining long lashes than using a prescription. lashes
Here is an application of eyelash extensions I performed on a client. The left eye has no extensions,lacking volume and length.The right eye has extensions showing a full set of lashes and length with a very natural finish.
    Two categories of lashes are strip and flare. Both are able to be self applied.  

False lashes

Strip lashes are more recognizable as these are easier to apply. Simply glue on and go.



Individual or flare lashes provide a more natural look giving extra drama with out the bulk of strip lashes. But these take more time and finesse to apply since each few lashes must be applied individually.

  How do I apply my false eyelashes?
  1.   For strip eyelashes,  you must measure and cut the lashes before applying! Everyones eye shape is unique, hold the lashes to your eyes, and snip off the part of the falsies that extends beyond your natural lash line.
  2.  Lots of falsies come with lash glue. I then use a Q-Tip to apply a thin layer of glue to the base of the lashes.  If you are using flare lashes, it’s easier to pick up each lash with tweezers and dip just the end into the glue.
  3.   Allow the glue to set on the lashes for about 20 seconds before you apply them to your eyes.  This will allow the glue to become tackier and will help the lashes set faster.
  4.  With tweezers, apply the center of the false lash to the center of your lash line, getting as close as humanly possible. Then use the tweezers to gently stick the edges down as well.  Try not to blink so much because the glue takes a moment to set.
  5.  Once the lashes are applied, hide any glue with liquid or pencil eyeliner, and use mascara to blend your natural lashes with your fake ones.


There is a whole world of lashes out there. There are even eyelash extensions which provide a more long term use and natural look. I really encourage using false lashes. They’re really fun,typically inexpensive and totally re-usable,provide you keep them clean and sanitized.

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